Chantal Potgieter, the accountant behind enthusiastic accountants.

Welcome to Ardent Accountants

Ardent Accountants was started in 2016 when the founder, Chantal Potgieter, helped a friend with a  tax return. Faced with the prospect of beginning her own practice she had to choose a name.

ardent [ ahr-dnt ], adjective:

(1) having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent:

(2) intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous

Being enthusiastic, eager and devoted about helping individuals and companies with their finances, the firm Ardent Accountants was born.

Associate General Accountant (SA)

A registered designation with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountant (SAICA)

An Associate General Accountant (SA) is a highly skilled accountant who has completed both a SAICA-accredited B.Com degree and SAICA accredited training program. 

Registered Tax Practitioner

Registered tax practitioner with SAICA and SARS

A registered tax practitioner with the governing body of SAICA and practice number with SARS.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Processing of bank statements, customer and supplier invoices on a monthly basis.

Management Reports

Monthly management reports including flux analysis, profitability and liquidity analysis.

Tax Returns

VAT, PAYE, Provisional and annual tax return calculations and submissions.

Financial Statements

Preparation or review of annual financial statements.

Impeccable service all around. Chantal is a master in her field and gets things done. Always treated as urgent and keeps you abreast on developments. An absolute GEM. I can comfortable recommend Ardent Accountants.

Recommendation by Michael Crichton


Passionate about Training

Continuous development and learning, these are principles that apply to our daily living, and Ardent Accountants is passionate about developing, improving and growing skills of learners, trainees and professionals. 


Training Qualification

With years of skill development and training experience in practice, Ardent Accountants have equiped trainers with essential training requirements through the Training and Development Management course at the University of Cape Town. Our trainers are equipped to:

– Evaluate training and development needs

– Design training and development programs

– Present and facilitate training and development programs

– Evaluate training and development results

– Report on training and development program effectiveness

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are important to coach and lead managers, supervisor, and seniors to not only be role models for junior staff but equip them with techniques in supporting, training and uplifting junior staff to strive for higher positions and achievements. 

Breaking accounting stigma’s blog

One of the things the accounting society is in great need of is candor and honesty, the “Breaking accounting stigma’s” blog is here to provide students, trainees, professionals and the average customer with honest information about the life of an accountant. 

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